May 18, 2024

The Ultimate Checklist for In-Store Signage

3 min read

Outside of your product line, your retail space is the most important aspect of your business, and when designing the interior, a great deal of thought needs to be put into your in-store signage. In order to assist you and prevent overlooking important aspects of in-store signage, here is a thorough checklist.

  • Informational Signage – The objective of informational signage is to inform people, not to provoke a response, and with easy to read fonts and contrasting colours, store visitors will be drawn to the obvious locations (above eye height) that can be clearly seen from almost any location within the store. Spend some time thinking about what information visitors would need, entrances, emergency exits, restrooms, and of course different store levels, with clear product identification. Double-sided signs that hang from the ceiling are perfect for giving information, and the text should be large enough for someone to be able to read from the furthest point within the store.
  • Calls to Action – Your CTAs need to encourage commitment, and with short, concise phrases, you are inviting the visitor to make a purchase. Good examples include, “Buy now while stocks last”, “End of season sale”, “Buy Now, Pay Later”, are all effective, and check out the free online resources regarding calls to action, and you will have a selection to choose from. Make sure you use contrasting colours for text and background, with the noticeable colour being the text.
  • Printed Sticker Labels – Search online and find a local sticker printing company (known as พิมพ์ สติ๊กเกอร์ in Thailand), as they would have an impressive list of print mediums that really do make a difference. Find some signage software and spend some time compiling your stickers and labels, making sure to incorporate your logo and company colours, and the finished files can be emailed to the commercial printer. Some print companies do offer a design service, and some professional help will never go amiss, and with your input, the designer can create stunning labels and stickers that will boost your branding.
  • Locations – All store signage needs to be in the right location, and by spending an hour or two walking around shopping malls and visiting stores, you will notice some common denominators. People tend to look at above head height, so aisle directions and product listings need to be hung from the ceiling, just above shelf height, which allows for easy reading from almost any angle. Calls to action can be next to the product, as that is where it will be most effective, and clip-ons are great as they can easily be moved.
  • Branding – All in-store signage presents a great opportunity to reinforce your company logo and colours, and if you are at all unsure, talk to a commercial printer that has his own design team, and you will get the full package. Composite materials offer some variation in textures, and special effects are not out of the question, indeed, LED boxes offer the retailer a range of powerful display options.

Promotional signage should be changed periodically, and with a good commercial printer at your call, you can regularly introduce signage that will complement your store and send out all the right messages.