July 21, 2024

Here’s What You Can Expect from an SEO Agency

2 min read

You are bored of not seeing your business progressing, so you think of investing in SEO and other online marketing techniques to see some progress to show up. When you realize you may have some budget but not the time to look after the SEO aspects, you decide to hire an SEO agency to look after this department. By considering various factors, you may hire the ideal SEO agency for your business. Know that every agency has its own way to approach the situation. So, you need to know that as well. You may be thinking what happens after you sign them, this is what you should expect from them.

  1. The first meeting

Once you have hired SEO services in Singapore to look after the online marketing activities, you need to have an introductory meeting in person or video call. Here, you will be introduced to an account manager and the team. They may also ask you questions about your business, marketing and SEO goals. They will also outline the processes they work and the associated pricing. If you are a business owner, your knowledge for SEO would be limited. So, the company will also enlighten you on what you should expect from them. Let them clarify the aspects involved. Once they have had a good look at your website, they may suggest you some strategies too. It is also a great time to discuss the differences between what you were told by the sales rep and what the specialist suggests as the best solution. You can also ask them questions you may have about the concerns etc. Ensure you are ready with a list of such queries and ensure that they answer them all.

  1. Initial SEO audit

If your website hasn’t gone through an SEO audit, you need to get it done. If you have a Google Analytics account, you may have limited access to the resources. Hence, let the SEO agency do the same for you to determine the SEO health of your website. The time taken for SEO audit depends on the size and complexity of your site. Your SEO agency will convey in detail what your SEO audit looks like. They may give you some suggestions on what needs to be worked on. This depends on the basis of the contract you have with the company. Or you can give them the access to your website and they can work on the changes themselves. You can stay in touch with them to ask for monthly reports etc.

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