March 4, 2024

Tips For Editing And Improving The Audio Of A Video

3 min read

After recording, if you forgot to take some precautions and your audio still isn’t as you wanted, don’t worry. There are some very simple ways to improve the files you have. Check out how to make three very simple edits on this website, but that can make all the difference using Adobe Audition – a program that we also use here at Samba.

How To Cut The Audio

With the “Multitrack” mode selected, you must open the files you want to modify and then drag them to the timeline, where you will do the work. Then, with the marking line, you will define where you will cut your audio. Then, you must select the crop tool and click where you made the mark. Then, your audio will already be separated. Once that’s done, decide what you’re going to do with each part, whether you’re going to delete it, join it with another file, or insert something else in between. Simple!

How To Increase Audio Volume

If the volume of your recording is not what you want, you can increase or decrease it. To decrease the volume of the file as a whole, use the small “control circle” on the left side. With it, you can control the decibels precisely and significantly increase the audio.

Another way to control the volume is through the file’s volume line. You can get variations in the audio by clicking on it and dragging it up and down. And if you want to change the volume of just a specific part of your audio, click on two points on the line which correspond to the moment you want to change and drag that part up and down. Just be careful; depending on the quality of your audio and the device that will play it, increasing the volume too much can cause unwanted noise and hiss and spoil the user experience with this material.

How To Remove Noise From Audio

And speaking of noise, there is a very simple way to remove or at least reduce unwanted noise in your audio. As much as your recording environment is silent, some noise in the air, primarily when you use very sensitive microphones, can be very annoying and ruin your recording. In addition, sometimes a chatter or other background noise can appear, disturbing the quality of your audio.

So, if you want to eliminate those noises and bring out what matters in your material, open up Audition and make a few tweaks.

Start by delimiting the area of ​​your audio where there is the most noise (and where there is no voice or other element you want to stand out). Catching the initial or final seconds of silence is the best choice. Mark this part by clicking and dragging with the mouse, and click on it with the right button. Then choose the “Capture noise print” option.

When done, select all the audio by double-clicking on it or pressing Ctrl+A to ensure that the noise comes out of it as a whole, and, in the top menu, click on Effects. Go to the “Noise reduction / Restoration” option and then choose “Noise reduction (process).” A frame will open, and you must click “Apply.” Ready! Your audio already has much less noise.

If you notice that it is necessary, repeat the process. Just be careful not to make the change too many times, as this can make the voices in the video very artificial and “robotic or use experts like Video Production Company in Milwaukee, WI for example.