May 18, 2024

Shipping A Car to And from Arizona Has Never Been Easier

3 min read

Whether you are retiring and moving to Arizona or are just thinking of spending your winters there, it is always a good idea to take your car along. Transporting your car, ATV, boat, or even RV can make your time in Arizona more comfortable and convenient.

However, don’t try and ship your car by yourself. It is best if you involve a professional and experienced auto shipping company like Ship A Car, Inc., and let them handle the task. They have all the experience of arranging shipment for motorcycles, cars, ATVs, boats, etc. Besides, getting the assurance that your vehicle will be delivered scratch-less is the best relief.

Choosing a good Arizona car transport company

Not every car shipping company is reliable. Therefore, you need to do a little homework and find a company that has the necessary experience, expertise, manpower, and above all proper licensing. You can easily look up the online reviews of the company you are considering working with, and even go through their customer testimonials. Here are a few tips to help you find a good Arizona car transport company…

Ask for quotes:

Once you have shortlisted a few car shipping companies, the next thing you want to do is ask them for a quote. A company that has been around for years will be able to provide you with a quote in no time. Once you receive the quote, make sure that there are no hidden costs. Also, if the quotes of two different companies are extremely different, do ask why is it so high or low.

Clearing the Paperwork:

A reputed Arizona auto-shipping company will ask you to provide your driver’s license, insurance documents, and a copy of the vehicle title. If a company does not take this paperwork seriously, it’s a cue that they don’t work legitimately.

Provides you with multiple options:

There are many different ways in which you can transport your car. A good shipping company will be able to discuss all these options with you. For instance, whether you want to deliver door-to-door, do you want to deliver via an open or closed truck, etc. You should be extremely comfortable about how your car is being transported, and only a reputed company will be able to give you that assurance.

How are vehicle shipping rates to Arizona calculated?

There are a couple of factors that are considered while calculating the rates. For instance, whether the vehicle will be transported using an open carrier or closed carrier? How long is the distance of transport? What are the pickup and drop-off points of the vehicle? etc. Well, if you have any doubts about the rates, you can always ask the auto-shipping company to provide you with a breakup of the cost.

Lastly, if you are transporting a luxury or antique car, it is best if you don’t consider the cost over the quality of service. You certainly want your classic car to be delivered fully protected from any damages, or prying eyes. So, ensure you work with the best and not the cheapest.