July 21, 2024

When You Need More Space, Then You Just Need To Add Some On.

2 min read

Your kids and your wife have probably been crying out for more space for years now and it’s probably driving you crazy. You don’t want to make the changes because it is going to cost you money, but if you want to live under the same roof of your family members in relative peace, then you’re going to have to meet their demands because when you think about it, they are not entirely unreasonable. As kids grow up, they don’t want to be sharing the bedroom with their brother and sister anymore and so they want their own space so that they can express themselves. As the family grows, your wife has probably been telling you that the kitchen area is no longer fit for purpose and it needs to be extended to cater for the additional members of the family.

You can only put off the changes for so long before you realise that extra space is needed throughout the home and so if you’re running out of space, then the following are some additions that you could make to your current property.

* Add an extension – It can be quite straightforward as long as you have the right builder to add to your current kitchen area. You can use the space that you currently have and then just extend the room a little longer. You might have to ask for planning permission from your local council and you definitely need to ask your neighbour if it’s okay to do so. When you get the all clear, you can create the kitchen that your wife has always wanted and that will make your life somewhat easier. If you need a private lender to fund the project, Google is your best friend.

* Add a conservatory – This is something that you definitely don’t need planning permission for and so conservatories can range in sizes that will allow you to create a study are just some new way, you can relax and gather your thoughts. Conservatories are generally built from UPVC and you can add glass floor which will allow sunlight to come in and this can help to heat your new space. You can add the conservatory to the rear of your home to let you can step out into the garden any time that you like.

Both these options are very achievable and very affordable. All you need to do now find the right building contractor that can make it all happen.