July 21, 2024

Taking the Good and Leaving the Bad: 3 Tips for Using Social Media to Improve Your Mental Health 

2 min read

Social media doesn’t have to be destructive to your mental health. On the contrary, it really can be beneficial if you know how to handle things.

Here are three tips for you. 

Set Intentions Before Scrolling

Before you get into your social media feeds, it’s helpful to have a game plan. Setting intentions can give your scrolling session a purpose so that you’re not just mindlessly wasting time but actually getting something out of it.

So take a second to think about what you want to get from your time on social media. Maybe you’re looking for style advice, a place for your parents to live, a connection with friends, or just a good laugh. Jot down your intentions if it helps you stay on track.

Say you’re hopping on Instagram. If you remind yourself you’re on a mission to find some cool outfit ideas for an upcoming event, chances are you keep your eyes peeled for fashion inspo and avoid falling down a rabbit hole of unboxing videos. 

Practice Digital Detoxes

Really, taking regular breaks from social media, aka digital detoxes, is how you’re going to recharge, reconnect with the real world, and just give your brain a breather.

You want to schedule some time each day or week to step away from the screen. Use this time to do things you love offline, whether it’s going for a walk, hanging out with friends, or getting lost in a good book. The key is to disconnect and enjoy the moment without the constant buzz of notifications.

Imagine it’s Saturday afternoon, and you’ve decided to take a break from social media. You toss your phone aside (gently, of course) and head out for a bike ride with your buddies. As you pedal along, feeling the wind in your hair and soaking up the sunshine, you realize how good it feels to unplug and just be present in the moment.

Engage Meaningfully

Sure, scrolling through endless cat memes can be fun, but there’s something special about engaging with others on social media in a meaningful way. 

You want to seek out communities and content that resonate with you, then dive in! Leave thoughtful comments, share your own experiences, and cheer on your fellow internet pals. It’s not about racking up likes or followers—it’s about building real relationships and making a positive impact online.

Say you’re a foodie who loves sharing recipes and cooking tips on social media. Instead of just posting pictures of your latest culinary creations and moving on, you take the time to chat with your followers, answer their cooking questions, and swap recipe ideas. Before you know it, you’ve built a little online foodie family who share your passion for all things delicious.

Really, it’s not impossible for social media to be good for your mental health. Consider these tips.